How to Find and Fulfill Your True Life Purpose – Guide

Your True Life Purpose is a process, not a goal, and it occurs in the present moment. To find and fulfill it, you must develop three abilities. The first is to root yourself in the NOW. The second is to receive brilliant insights. And the third is to manifest your ideal reality. 

Hi. I’m Philip Saparov, and in this guide I’ll explain what a True Life Purpose really is, the importance of finding it, and how to discover and fulfill your unique life purpose. 

Let’s dive right in.

What Is a True Life Purpose?

Many ideas and definitions of a life purpose float around. It is often confused with passion or finding meaning in life, among other things. But a true life purpose is not a passion, meaning, joy, bliss, or not even necessarily your ideal vocation.

It is very important to have a working definition of a life purpose, which I will give you here. Because if you don’t know what it is that you’re looking for, it will be very hard to find it. On the other hand, if you know what to look for, you will find it most quickly and easily. 

Let’s first dispel a few common myths and misconceptions about what a True Life Purpose really is. 

What a True Life Purpose Is NOT

A life purpose is not a goal. It is not a single destination. 

For example, “to become a millionaire” is not a true life purpose. It is a goal, it is an aspiration. And there is nothing wrong with it as such. 

But it is only an event. Once you have one million dollars in the bank, you are a millionaire. This is simply a successful achievement of a goal. 

But every goal has two problems with it (which does not mean that you should not set goals. We’ll talk about this in a minute). 

First, a goal is in the future. And to make it your purpose sets up the Trap of Tomorrow. A goal traps you in the future, which prevents you from fully experiencing the present.

Instead, a True Life Purpose must ground you in the present moment. Because if it doesn’t, then it simply makes you waste your life in the constant chase of some future event.

The second problem is that once the goal is achieved, it produces temporary euphoria which fades away, leaving you feeling empty and thirsty for another goal. 

This has been proven over and over by anyone who has ever achieved any significant success. Examples abound:

  • Buzz Aldrin battled depression and alcoholism after landing on the moon and coming back, viewing it as the highlight of his life
  • Paul McCartney became depressed after the Beatles broke up
  • Numerous Olympic athletes wonder what’s next after winning gold (Michael Phelps is a great example)

These two problems make it clear that a goal or an aspiration cannot be a True Life Purpose. 

Are Passion and Purpose the Same Thing?

True Life Purpose is different from passion. Passion is simply a strong emotion about something. Your passion and purpose can coincide or overlap, but they are not the same thing.

You can have more than one passion, even at the same time, but you have only one True Life Purpose. 

Your passions can be to grow flowers and to write poetry. You can engage in both in the same period of your life and still not know your true purpose. 

Your passions can change. One can wither away, and another – totally different one – may be born. 

That said, your life purpose can evolve. But it doesn’t change much, like your personal appearance doesn’t change much. Its manifestations can change subtly. But your True Life Purpose is pretty much consistent throughout your adult life. 

Major Definite Purpose vs True Life Purpose

The term Major Definite Purpose was coined by Napoleon Hill of the Think and Grow Rich fame in his study of high achievement. 

This is a very useful concept. But a major definite purpose is not a true life purpose. 

The point of a major definite purpose is to develop one clear focus for a period of time for the sake of achieving one singular goal. 

Just like passions, you can have more than one major definite purpose in your lifetime. Unlike passions, however, you cannot have more than one major definite purpose at the same time. 

Another difference between a major definite purpose and a passion is that a passion can arise spontaneously. You simply come across your passion or develop it without a strong intention.

A major definite purpose must be intentionally developed until it becomes a “Magnificent Obsession” – a term also coined by Napoleon Hill.

Conversely, a life purpose must be discovered, not really developed. And it is grander and encompasses more than a major definite purpose. 

Are Purpose and Meaning the Same Thing?

The purpose and the meaning of life are very different concepts from one another. 

The question “what is the meaning of life?” is actually quite treacherous. Because it will never fulfill the deep human yearning for peace, fulfillment, and purposeful living. Here’s why.

The word “meaning” is a distant relative of the Sanskrit root “manas-” and the Latin root “mens-,” both of which mean “the mind.

Meaning is the domain of the thinking mind. And to try to find the meaning of life is to try to intellectually understand life. But that is a futile endeavor. 

What is the meaning of a flower you come across on your morning walk? Seriously, what does that flower mean? 

Well, you’re right – this is a ridiculous question. It doesn’t intrinsically mean anything. The flower simply grows, blooms, and gives off fragrance. 

Even to call it a rose or a violet creates a mental filter, a barrier between you and the flower, between the experiencer and the experienced. 

Life cannot be grasped intellectually, nor should it. As Osho said, “Life is not a problem to be solved. It is a mystery to be lived.”

A life purpose is not purely intellectual. You cannot discover your life purpose just by sitting down with a piece of paper and pondering it. 

No – a true life purpose must unfold to you as you explore the depths of your consciousness and neurology while going through your life. Considerable mental work will be involved in the process. But the search for your life purpose is not a search for meaning. 

The Definition of True Life Purpose

Now that we’ve cleared the fog around the idea of a True Life Purpose a little, you are ready to receive its clear and precise definition. Here it is:

Your True Life Purpose is a state of consciousness in which you are aligned with the present moment while fulfilling your NeuroPotential. 

I know this sounds like a mouthful. We really need to break this down.

First, it is a state of consciousness, which is not a goal or an event. It is also not in the future, unlike a goal. 

A state of consciousness is really a process that takes place continuously. You are continually in a certain state of mind. 

Second, you are aligned with the present moment. Again, this means that you are not in the past or the future. Why is this so important?

Because dwelling on the past begets regret. And dwelling on the future creates anxiety. 

It is only when you understand your nature as a human being that you can relax into the present moment and fulfill your neuropotential. 

If this sounds hard to understand or implement – don’t worry. In this guide I will give you a simple practice that enables living and being creative in the present moment. 

Third – what in the world is neuropotential

Neuropotential is the potential of your entire nervous system, including your brain. You come from the factory with a set of neurological traits that make you who you are as a human.

For example, you are either more of an introvert or more of an extrovert. You are more of a visual, auditory, or a kinaesthetic learner. You are either good or bad at drawing. 

Together, these traits make up your personality type, your talents, strengths, and weaknesses. 

By the way, nobody is purely one thing or another. Our neurologies contain all kinds of permutations of such traits. Your own combination is what makes you unique. 

Together, all your neurological attributes stem from and point to your True Vibration. In a sense, to fulfill your True Life Purpose is to Vibrate on your unique frequency. 

To illustrate this, I use the analogy of a tree. Here is the Tree of Consciousness:

As Eckhart Tolle so aptly points out, the term “human being” is a very useful term in the English language. It includes both the “human” and the “being” parts. 

And both parts make us who we are. You can see this illustrated in the diagram. 

The Human part is the entire tree – without the soil in which it is rooted. It includes the trunk and the crown of the tree (we’ll talk about the crown in a minute). 

The trunk of the tree represents your True Vibration. It contains all the attributes of your nervous system. 

The Being part is the realm of no-mind, pure awareness, the witness, the silence, the presence. On the diagram, it is represented by the soil in which the tree is rooted. 

Basically, it is that state in which a Buddha lives 24/7. We have access to it at all times, but we are lost to it most of the time. 

The Human is the Doing part, and the Being is the Being part, if you will. So, to give you another, simplified definition, 

Your True Life Purpose is a state of consciousness in which you ARE your true self and DO your true vibration. 

Don’t worry if this is too much to absorb right now. Pour yourself another cup of tea and keep reading to learn everything else you need to know to find and fulfill your own unique purpose. 

Is True Life Purpose Always Work-Related?

Your life purpose is not necessarily your line of work. In fact, for most people, it is certainly currently not. 

According to a Gallup poll, “Only 15% of the world’s one billion full-time workers are engaged at work.” The number is better in the United States at 30%. And it’s at its worst in Japan where it’s an astounding 6%!

So, an average of 85% of workers around the world do not like their jobs. Which means that their work is certainly not purpose-driven or on-purpose. 

That said, should your life purpose be connected to your work? 

Well, you’re probably going to spend at least 6-8 hours a day at work (most of us work a lot more than that). And then it only stands to reason that, ideally, you want to be fulfilling your True Life Purpose by doing the work that you do. 

Yes, you can and likely should be fulfilling your purpose professionally. And that is a dream come true for anyone who works for a living. 

Not to worry – I’ll give you practical steps to making this a reality later in this guide. 

The Example of My True Life Purpose 

As you already know, our identity is part of our purpose. We really want to know ourselves. So, let me give you an example of “knowing thyself” and how that is related to a true life purpose. 

My name is Philip Satori, but that’s not who I am. I am an author and a life purpose coach. But that’s not who I am, either. Those are just titles. 

The question of identity can be tricky, but once you know your True Life Purpose, you can know who you are with high precision. 

On the most fundamental level, I am a human being. But I know my True Life Purpose, and that is:

To study, practice, and teach Awakened Entrepreneurship.

That is also my true vibration. Now, because I know my purpose with high accuracy, I can finally tell you who I really am:

I am a student, practitioner, and teacher of Awakened Entrepreneurship. 

This is a very precise definition of my identity because these are the functions which my entire body-mind, my entire being, wants to and was designed to perform well and with joy.

Well, that would be helpful, of course, if I could only explain what Awakened Entrepreneurship is. This discipline, practice, way of life is essentially a synthesis of:

  • East and West
  • Presence and Creation
  • Spirituality and Hustle

Awakened Entrepreneurship is a magical yet highly practical way of life that enables self-actualization by means of finding and fulfilling your purpose. To learn about it in a lot more detail, please read my Guide to Self-Actualization

Now you know who I am and what my purpose is. Please note that I know this with high precision. So, a purpose can be very specific. 

Why It Is Important to Find Your Purpose

The Prison of an Unchosen Life

When we are born, we are thrust into a foreign world that immediately begins to impose its rules and data on us, whether constructive or destructive.

Most, if not all, influences in our early life do not have our best interests in mind. Each environment and its elements have their own agendas. 

The only being who can truly and unequivocally have your best interests in mind is the awakened you. Because even yourself, when you are unawakened, won’t know what’s best for you. 

This is why people make so many mistakes in life. And this is also why even the most well-wishing people, such as your parents, cannot really have your best interests in mind when interacting with you. 

To know your True Life Purpose first and foremost importantly means that you know yourself. That is the highest wisdom. 

When you walk through life without knowing yourself and your purpose, you always have that nagging feeling that something is not quite right. As if you are caught up in a world in which you don’t fully belong.

In the words of Morpheus from the Matrix, 

Like a splinter in your mind...

When you discover your true life purpose, it is as if a thick fog dispels, and you know exactly what you should be doing in life. A deep and intense sense of belonging and knowing overcomes you. 

Now you have the power to wield the forces of life to align with your purpose. This is where you stop wondering what the heck this is all about. Because now you “know.”

The Universe Conspires with a Clear Purpose

When you are clear what your True Life Purpose is, you begin to set inspired goals. You begin to live your life by what I call Informed Design.

Your goals feel right, and you just know you are aiming at the right things in life because you are guided. 

And the Universe loves a human being with a clear goal that is aligned with his True Vibration. Because it is easy to conspire with a mind that is clear about the goals and feels great about them. 

This is where you begin to receive amazing insights, and powerful synchronicities begin to happen. 

As a result, success becomes not only easier but almost guaranteed. I’m not exaggerating because you begin to set and achieve goals which you were meant by the Universe to set and achieve. 

Health and Energy Love a Clear Purpose

In his book Psycho-Cybernetics, Maxwell Maltz describes an amazing capacity of the human body-mind to move in the direction of a clear goal. 

Long before Dr. Maltz, Aristotle called humans “teleological creatures,” which just means creatures who are goal-driven. 

When we know our True Life Purpose, we have a very good sense of the direction in which we should be moving, mentally, emotionally, physically, and even geographically and in terms of our work.

In other words, now our entire psycho-physiology (mind-body) is now moving in a well-defined, guided direction. 

And that means that our health and energy also move in that direction. When your body needs more energy, it will find a way to generate it. 

In addition, if you’re on purpose, it will be a lot easier for you to change your health habits because you know you need better health and energy to fulfill your true purpose. 

Have you noticed how wealthy people tend to take better care of themselves than most others? Well, it’s because when you’re rich, you want to live longer to enjoy your wealth. 

But if you know your purpose, you don’t have to be rich to take better care of yourself. Now that you know what you were placed on this Earth to do, you will naturally want to be healthy and full of energy. And this will drive your health-related decisions. 

Knowing Your Purpose Dissolves Worry and Doubt

Once you find out who you really are and what your purpose is, that realization alone will remove about 80% of your worries and doubts. 

We tend to worry and doubt ourselves because we normally don’t have a sense of a clear direction. But when the identity and the purpose are clear, decisions are easy. 

In fact, now you can make informed and inspired decisions, relying on your intuition which begins to really develop once you begin to actively seek your purpose. 

In this guide, I will give you practical steps to make all of this part of your life. 

Knowing Your Purpose Makes You More Attractive

Finally, knowing yourself and your purpose makes you much more attractive to people in general, to new potential friends, lovers, and business partners. 

Knowing who you are and what you were put on this Earth to do gives you that special something, that twinkle in the eye, that elusive yet very potent quality which only those who are in touch with their purpose can have. 

It also makes you picky because now you know what and who is good for you and what and who is not. And that selectiveness is very attractive. 

The Three-Step Method for Finding and Fulfilling Your Purpose

Let’s quickly recap what we already know:

  • True Life Purpose is not a goal, but a process
  • Your purpose is rooted in the HERE and NOW
  • Fulfilling your purpose involves living your life by Informed Design
  • Your True Life Purpose is intimately connected to your True Identity

Let’s also revisit our definition of life purpose:

Your True Life Purpose is a state of consciousness in which you are aligned with the present moment while fulfilling your NeuroPotential. 

Now, the question of the day – how do you make all of this happen? How do you enter this state, align with the NOW, and fulfill your neuro-potential?

Let me introduce an inner work practice that will enable all of the above, given that you actually practice it. 

The AIM Wheel

The AIM Wheel stands for the wheel of Awareness, Insight, and Manifestation. Let me explain this sequence and the purpose of the practice. Here is the diagram of the Wheel. You may recognize it as my logo:

The Three Steps of Finding and Fulfilling Your Purpose

As you can see, this inner work practice is represented by a triple yin-yang symbol. I have done this practice for many years now, and it has enabled me to find and to begin fulfilling my life purpose. 

So, let me share the steps with you. Mind you, this is a DAILY practice. So, yes, some work will be necessary, on a daily basis. 

Segment 1 (Step 1) – Awareness

If you recall our Tree of Consciousness, the tree (Human) is rooted in the Buddha-field (Being):

In Step 1, we connect with our foundation, the soil in which our tree is rooted. And that is the realm of no-mind. 

This is the space of witnessing, as we talked about earlier. This is where all Buddhas dwell. 

And what allows us to enter it is the ancient technique of meditation. You can use any meditation method you like. But the aim of this step is to root you in the HERE and NOW. 

This step allows you to surrender to the present moment, no matter what it brings. Whether it is total peace or extreme difficulty, you want to fully accept what is because if you don’t, you are arguing with reality. 

And you don’t want to waste your precious energy arguing with reality. Instead, you want to fully surrender to it because that releases energy for changing your reality, your situation, if you observe that it needs to be changed. 

Segment 2 (Step 2) – Awareness

In this step, we want to tap into all of our consciousness, and beyond – to Infinite Intelligence – to receive the answers we need. 

Some of the questions to which you may want to receive answers can be:

  • What is my True Life Purpose?
  • Who am I, really?
  • What is my next step in life?
  • What should I devote the rest of my life to, if anything?
  • How do I accomplish this or that goal?
  • Should I move to another city?

And so on. As you can see, you can ask any question. When you do, expect to receive an answer to it. 

Importantly, please note that steps 2 and 3 engage the mind. We are no longer entirely in the Buddha-field. 

While in step 1 we entered the no-mind and did not engage in thinking (only witnessed it if it arose), in steps 2 and 3 we think and allow all kinds of forms of thought – conceptual, visual, logical, etc. 

In step 2, we really want to tap into all knowledge available to us, including all of our experience because that is our great treasure that points to the right conclusions. 

Everything you have ever learned and experienced, all your influences contain clues to any answers you may need. 

You may want to journal from time to time, contemplating some of your successes, failures, passions, and other categories you see in the diagram. All of these are great pointers to the true reality of you. 

One powerful technique you can implement in this step is just sitting in silence and allowing yourself to engage with any thought that comes in. This is different from meditation in which you only witness thought without engaging in it. 

You can just sit there, imagining a future situation and trying to see if it feels right. If it does, then this may be a great goal for you to set for yourself. If it doesn’t, then keep using your imagination to arrive at a better scenario. 

Possibilities here are limitless. You can think logically, totally talk to yourself, or do a Q&A with yourself. You can contemplate anything you believe is relevant. You are also looking for answers to specific questions. 

This is how you gradually arrive at your life purpose and your true identity. It is a series of revelations. 

Segment 3 (Step 3) – Manifestation

This step enables us to not only discover our life purpose but to also fulfill it. Once we have received answers about what we should be doing next, or right now, or for the rest of our lives, we are ready to turn these answers from thought into reality. 

There are numerous techniques for manifesting reality – anything from basic affirmations to NLP exercises. Visualization is a very powerful technique, for example. 

This is where you quietly, without attachment, bring outcomes that are ideal for you into your reality. 

And So the AIM Wheel Goes Round

Steps 1, 2, and 3 are a natural sequence that enables you life purpose and your self-actualization (for a detailed guide on your self-actualization, I recommend this guide I put together).

The steps enable and empower each other:

When you sit in silence, you can relax and find peace in any situation. Now, your mind is calm, and you’re ready to receive insights. 

Then you begin step 2 in which you receive profound and brilliant answers to your most nagging and most elusive questions. Now, you know your next steps in life. 

And when you know what’s your ideal next reality, you begin to manifest it in step 3. And as you try something new, obstacles show up. So, you’re ready to circle back to step 1 again.

The next day, you sit down and begin with step 1. That helps you surrender to the new obstacles and release energy for overcoming them. 

And again, in step 2, you ask how to overcome these obstacles. Or, you can ask whatever else you want. 

And then manifest reality based on the answers in step 3 again. 

And so the wheel spins. Every day you:

  • Are rooted in the present moment
  • Know who you are what you should be doing, if anything
  • Do your True Vibration and manifest outcomes that are ideal for you. 

By the way, if you’re not sure how much Being and how much Doing to engage in, then please read this article here where I explain the Being-Doing spectrum. 

I know this has been a long read. But I hope now you know how to find and fulfill your life purpose. 

To your peace and self-actualization,

Philip S. 

Philip Saparov

Philip Saparov is a Life Purpose Coach and a teacher of Awakened Entrepreneurship. He writes on how to become a successful entrepreneur and gain freedom, no matter where you're starting.

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