Jump, and the Net Will Appear

Just make the decision and jump. The universe loves courage and will spread the net and gift you with a safe and triumphant landing.

The Universe Will Spread Its Net If You Just Jump

And I’ll give you a bunch of examples from my own life as well as from the lives of others as described in Napoleon Hill’s immortal book Think and Grow Rich.

Miraculous Healing

I tore my ACL. Started looking for a non-surgical solution. One sounded really shady, according to everyone I knew. “Don’t go there. They’ll rip you off. So many charlatans there now.” They had a point.

But something deep within me whispered, ‘jump.’ And I did. I bought the air tickets, booked the hotel, gathered up the money for the treatment, and went. Three months later, I was healed without a surgery.

Starting My First Business

I had close to zero dollars in my bank account. Deep in student debt, too. Was in real estate and wanted a change. 

It came in the form of a business training program that cost a couple of thousand dollars. My broker saw me looking at the web page and tried to discourage me: “These internet millionaires are dime a dozen.”

Minutes later, I filled in the info, got my account overdrawn, signed up for the course. Months later, launched my first product and soon enough made the money invested manyfold.

Starting My Second Business

I needed about $10,000 for the training, which I didn’t have. I knew the training would work for me because I had enough experience to know shit from Shinola. 

Frankly, I am now quite fuzzy on what exactly happened during those few days when I kept thinking intensely how to make it happen. 

I seriously don’t remember exactly how I got the money, but two days after grossly overpaying for the air tickets, I was there in Boise, Idaho for the amazing training that made me tens of thousands back in the next year and a half or so.

Examples from Think and Grow Rich

Becoming a Business Partner of the Great Edison

Edwin Barnes. Wanted to be Thomas Edison’s business partner. Not a salesperson, not a clerk – a business partner.

He had no money and looked like a tramp when he first appeared before Edison. But Edison saw something in his eyes that told him that Barnes was determined to get what he was after.

He gave Barnes a job. Two years later, Barnes undertook to be the first associate to sell Edison’s dictating machine. He became Edison’s partner in business.

One Million Dollars in One Week

Frank W. Gunsaulus. He was a clergyman who had been dreaming of starting a college for underprivileged young men. It had been only a dream for a while.

Then, one day he got up in the morning with a total and unquestionable resolve that he would find one million dollars to establish the college within one week.

He prepared a speech in the evening only to forget the written copy in the morning on his way to the church where he had advertised previously that he would speak on “What I Would Do If I Had One Million Dollars.”

He delivered the sermon from his heart. A man approached him after the sermon, saying that he believed that Gunsaulus could do what he wanted and invited him to come to his office the next morning to receive a check for one million bucks. Which he did. 

How about it!

Let me say it again – jump, take the plunge, and the net will appear.

Talk soon,

Philip S.

Philip Saparov

Philip Saparov is a Life Purpose Coach and a teacher of Awakened Entrepreneurship. He writes on how to become a successful entrepreneur and gain freedom, no matter where you're starting.

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