Overcome Entrepreneurial Burnout by Making These 3 Shifts

To recover from entrepreneurial burnout, you must make three important shifts. First, learn to continually focus your mind in the direction of functional outcomes. Second, adopt functional nutrition and supplementation. And third, become proficient at energy management. 

Hi. I’m Philip, and in this guide I will share with you everything I learned when I had to overcome a massive entrepreneurial burnout. So, let’s dive right in. 

Please be advised that none of what you’ll read in this article is to be construed as medical or nutritional advice of any kind. If you’re unwell, please consult with your physician and do your due diligence. 

With that out of the way, let’s dive right in. 

Signs of Entrepreneurial Burnout – Does This Sound Like You?

Let’s see if you can relate to any of these signs and symptoms of entrepreneurial burnout:

  • Do you get sudden crashes of energy during the day and feel like you just can’t keep working anymore?
  • Do you have trouble sleeping and wake up tired and dread having to face the challenges of your life and business?
  • Do you become irritable and impatient with others, including your team, your clients, or your loved ones, because you don’t have enough energy to deal with people effectively? 
  • Do you secretly worry that you might lose your marriage or relationship to your work because the stress of it has taken over your life?
  • Does everything seem just too much to handle, and do you feel angry, guilty, or sorry for yourself because of this situation?
  • And do you worry that you might not be able to keep this up for much longer?

If you said Yes to any of these, take heart because I have some good news for you. These issues begin to dissolve one by one when you make the three shifts I’m about to show you. 

So, without further ado, let’s get into these three life-changing shifts. 

Shift #1: Activate Your Cybernetic Mechanism

This shift made the biggest difference for me because it brought about and enabled the other two shifts. So, what will this shift do for you, what do I mean by “activating” this mechanism, and how do you do it?

If you really take this shift seriously, it will be half the battle. Because, as it turns out, our bodies (and minds) have incredible capacities for self-healing. In fact, let me go as far as saying that if you have ever recovered from any malady whatsoever, it was due to your body’s ability to self-repair. 

For example, if you break a bone in your body, all your doctor will do is realign the fragments, and the bone will heal by itself. In other words, no doctor ever healed a broken bone. No – he placed the bones so they could heal properly, and then the body did the healing. Does that make sense? 

And that’s how recovery works. So, what does this mean to you in terms of energy and all those health issues that you’re experiencing? Great question. Here’s what it means, and I’d like to really emphasize this because it’s that important. 

As I found out, as a result of suffering tremendous physical and psychological exhaustion, it turns out that our bodies are cybernetic. Meaning, our mind-bodies are goal-seeking mechanisms. 

And I will refer to the combination of mind and body as psychophysiology, which is one word referring to the interconnectedness of mind and body. Let me repeat – your psychophysiology, the system that includes your mind, the brain, and all the organs, is a goal-seeking mechanism. 

And when we are down, despondent, exhausted, and depressed, we tend to set a negative goal for our entire physiologies and our minds which they promptly pursue, and we feel more sick and exhausted as a result. It’s a downward spiral. By the way, this is why you keep getting new symptoms. 

That’s the bad news. The good news is, if we set a POSITIVE goal instead and begin to reinforce it, our entire psychophysiology is mobilized to move in that direction and make the necessary adjustments and adaptations. 

This is why the approach I describe here is different. You may have been taking a supplement or two, addressing one issue after another, only to have limited results. 

The problem is that your whole being has not been mobilized holistically in one direction – the direction of vibrant health and energy. In order to gain high-performance health and energy, you must steer your entire being in the direction of complete and abundant health. 

I won’t get into every detail of how this works. If you’re curious, you may wanna pick up the book titled Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz who was a plastic surgeon who discovered this amazing tendency of our bodies and minds to be goal-seeking. 

Of course, before him, Aristotle had found that we are in fact goal seeking creatures. As for me, I learned that firsthand. One day, during one of my darkest hours, I picked up a recording by a famous personal development guru in which he began to talk about setting exciting goals and discovering the WHY behind them. 

Wow. I experienced a shift right then and there. I realized that I had been looking at the wall while my car was in a spin. I had stopped looking in the direction of my goals and dreams – where I really wanted to go – and was instead focusing on my misery! 

But once I shifted my focus, I immediately felt better. That was a revelation. I decided that I would continue to keep my eyes on my new, exciting goal. I began to discover, modify, and create a set of exercises to keep my mind, and therefore, my entire psychophysiology (mind-body), focused on my desired outcome which required abundant health and energy. 

And I did that even when I was still chronically tired, anxious, and depressed. Even then, especially then, is the time to set the direction for your mind and, consequently, for your entire psychophysiology.  

Let me give you some proof. Do you have this experience – have you recently lost yourself so completely in a particular task that all your problems disappeared momentarily, and you forgot that you were exhausted and overwhelmed? 

You were in the flow, just performing the task, and in the meantime your symptoms disappeared? Well, if this ever happened to you, then you’ve experienced the power of focus. Meaning, your body and mind simply forgot that they were malfunctioning and instead they just performed the task at hand. 

They were focused on a goal – a positive, productive goal. It was a small one, so you got a momentary result. Your worry and fatigue disappeared for that time frame. If this ever happened to you, then you’ve already had a glimpse into what I’m talking about. 

What I learned was that if I set a major positive goal and programmed it into my psyche systematically, then my entire body and my mind began to move in the direction of that goal, constantly striving to align my health and energy with it. 

This was the turning point for me. This shift gave me the strength and the spirit to persevere until I made the next shift, and then the next, and so on, until my health and energy were transformed. 

Awakened Entrepreneurs Set Functional Goals

You may say, “Philip, but I burned myself out exactly by setting and striving for lofty goals. It was my struggle to achieve my goals that got me into this mess in the first place.”

That is true, and I totally agree. But the problem is that you have not been setting what I call “functional goals.” A functional goal is something that takes your well-being into account. 

You’ve given yourself away to the needs of the business and forgot about your own. But at some point you must realize that your business is an extension of you. And if you are not well, neither can be your business. 

I don’t want to sound too existential here. Let me just say that your new goal must be exciting for your mind-body to believe in and go for. It should definitely include your well-being and a specific positive state. 

For example, an old-fashioned goal might be “to increase revenue by 100% in the next 12 months.” There is seemingly nothing wrong with this goal. But what if achieving it will mean working 16-hour days and having an IV of coffee attached to you? 

This is lofty but not very convincing, even to your own mind. Because in its heart of hearts, the mind suspects that achieving this goal will entail a lot of stress, and it will resist it, especially if your mind-body has already experienced symptoms of burnout. 

Here is an example of a functional goal:

“I have my lead-generation streamlined and automated so that my team has a consistent flow of leads that does not depend on my daily involvement.”

You may say, that is easier said than done. But if you set that goal, it’s a lot easier for your mind-body to get behind it because there’s an important payoff here not only for the business but for you as well. 

Hope this makes sense. In Shift number 3, we’ll talk more about how to discover and set such goals for yourself. But the main point here is that you’re always moving in a direction. So, you might as well set a high-quality, functional direction for yourself and your business that takes your well-being into account. 

If this shift has been a little too much for you to swallow, I understand. It was new to me at one time, as well. The next shift is more tangible and has plenty of scientific support behind it, so if you’re a skeptical type, then it’s okay – here is shift number 2. 

Shift #2: Awaken from the Diet Dogma

I’ll explain what I mean by this in a minute. First, though, let me point out how important, how crucial it is to eat properly if you want to recover from burnout, exhaustion, and from related issues. When I discovered what to eat and what not to eat, and why, my health began to improve dramatically, and my energy finally began to come back and stabilize. 

The whole picture about nutrition came to me piece by piece. For example, when I learned that I needed to nourish my body so as to allow my adrenals to recover and renew, my energy levels improved dramatically. 

Later, when I found out what to eliminate from my diet, my digestive symptoms disappeared, literally within days. Then, when I learned about the role of carbs in energy drops and other malfunctions associated with energy levels, I was finally able to shake off the last remaining problems. 

How to Eat for Entrepreneurial Burnout Recovery

Let’s talk about nutrition. Different nutritionists and experts will recommend the different diets they have learned about or developed. The leading institute for health coaches has over 100 different dietary theories in their curriculum. 

You’ve heard about the vegetarian diet, the vegan diet, the Paleo diet, the Atkins diet, the raw food diet, the Hollywood diet, and many others, no doubt, including the most absurd diets, such as the banana diet, where you only eat bananas for a while. Okay? I’m not kidding. 

I have really good news for you. I will show you a way to make sense of nutrition that will help you get on the path to recovery.

Look at this spectrum. 

With the help of this visual, I’ll help you understand what is really going on. This spectrum here is a line that connects two extremes. 

On one end you have veganism – a complete absence of animal products in your diet. No dairy, no eggs – it is entirely plant based. 

On the other end you have a diet that is almost entirely animal product based. Diets like Atkins and Paleo would be close to that end of the spectrum. And the extreme end of it is a total absence of plant based foods, and it consists of just animal products. 

Let me tell you right away that neither of these extremes is healthy long-term. Neither. However, because you are burned out, exhausted, and have some or all of the symptoms and health issues I mentioned earlier, your recommended place on this spectrum is very close to the left – the diet mostly based on animal products. 

And there are three reasons for this. Each reason has to do with a function of your nutrition. Before I explain the reasons, let us reconnect with the whole purpose of why you’re here right now, reading this blog. You are exhausted and burned out and have related health issues. And you want your energy and vitality back. Okay? This is why we’re here now, talking about this.

Well, then your nutrition program must serve that exact outcome. Let me repeat that – your nutrition program must help you achieve your current health outcome. No expert or guru who’s telling you that there is one way of eating that you can adopt for the rest of your life, such as veganism or keto or any other eating style or diet – no such expert or guru can be right. 

And that is because your eating style must support your current health and wellness goals. Does that make sense? If you’re trying to lose weight, you will eat differently from trying to gain weight. If you’re trying to regain energy and vitality and overcome health problems associated with burnout, then your eating style must support that goal. 

The problem with all the different diets is that they serve themselves and not you. Each diet has a dogma behind it. For example, vegetarianism is promoted as a way to reduce cruelty to animals, which is a good cause, but stay with me for a second. 

The Atkins diet is primarily meant for weight loss, as are most diets, because of the overweight and obesity pandemic in our society. But let me ask you this question: if your goal right now is to recover from burnout and exhaustion and to gain abundant energy, then would these diets be ideal for you? 

The answer is No. 

Because your goal of getting abundant health and energy is different from the goals of these diets. It’s as simple as that. The goal of overcoming fatigue is different from fighting for animal rights or trying to lose weight. 

You may say, but I do really want to lose weight, for example. Let me tell you – if someone puts you on a diet intended solely for weight loss, this could jeopardize your health and energy further, even if it helps you lose weight. 

You may say, but I care about animal rights. Great, and I concur. But is that your primary goal right now or are you trying to overcome your health and energy issues? Again, your eating style right now must support the goal you have right now. 

And this is why Functional Nutrition is the answer. It simply and solely helps anyone with burnout, exhaustion, and related health issues to achieve their health and energy goals. So, why is it called Functional Nutrition? Great question. 

The food that you eat, especially when you are trying to change the way you feel both physically and mentally, has three main functions:

  • Nourishment
  • Normalization of blood glucose levels
  • Tissue repair 

Let’s look at these one by one, and it will gradually make sense what eating style you should adopt. 

Nutrition Function #1 – Nourishment

Here is a simple truth – the kind of nutrition that can help you is the kind that can provide the necessary nutrients for your body’s recovery needs. As a result of too much stress, lack of proper renewal, and a poor diet, your body is now exhausted and depleted. 

So, you should nourish it back with foods rich in functional nutrients. In other words, you must really feed your body. And animal products just happen to be much, much more nutritious than plant-based products. 

In order for you to get your daily recommended dose of vitamins and minerals from plants, you’d have to eat about a bucketful of them, literally, every day. At the same time, you’ll get virtually no essential fats, you’ll get plant proteins that are not as complete as animal proteins, but you’ll get enough sugar to kill a horse. 

I am not knocking on high quality fruits and veggies because nowadays I eat them every day. But when I was making efforts to recover from my burnout, I really had to eat primarily high-quality animal proteins and fats because my body had been intensely depleted of nutrients. 

Nutrition Function #2 – Stabilizing Blood Glucose

The second function is normalizing and stabilizing blood sugar levels. And this is a big deal. If you are burned out and exhausted, this very likely means that your blood glucose has been on a roller coaster. 

See, I was hypoglycemic, which means my blood glucose tended to drop below normal, as a result of eating too many carbs every day. You should know that the main difference between simple carbs, such as refined sugar, and complex carbs, such as unsweetened oatmeal, in terms of blood sugar, is how quickly or slowly the glucose enters your bloodstream. 

Whether you just ate simple or complex carbs, your body will still be hit with all the glucose that comes from that meal, only at a different speed. This means that you may eat your “healthy” morning cereal while thinking that you’re eating healthy, while in fact you’re ingesting processed carbs that are about to be converted into glucose (read – sugar) and enter your bloodstream in the amount you’ve consumed. 

This means that your pancreas will secrete the amount of insulin necessary to lower the blood glucose. And that means that your blood sugar will drop within an hour or so, resulting in lower energy. Repeat this process daily throughout the day, and with time your insulin is chronically high, making your blood glucose chronically low. 

Do that long enough, and your body will adjust to the high levels of insulin and gradually become insulin-resistant, which basically means insulin becomes inefficient. And this is also the road to gradual depletion of your adrenals, which is one of the primary causes of exhaustion and persistent fatigue, especially in the face of stress. 

In short, eating fewer carbs and making high-quality animal proteins and fats the cornerstone of your nutrition plan helps stabilize blood glucose. And that helps you maintain consistent levels of energy throughout the day and avoid further depletion of your adrenals. 

Nutrition Function #3 – Tissue Repair

This one is a bit simpler. Essentially, your metabolism is a constant process of cellular exchange. Old cells die off, new cells form, tissues regenerate. The question is – does your nutrition style provide adequate nutrients for your tissues to renew? 

You already know that plant-based foods contain inadequate proteins and fats compared with animal-based foods. So, when you eat high quality proteins and fats, you provide your body, including your entire endocrine system and your nervous system, including your brain, with proper food for cellular metabolism. 

Let’s come back to our spectrum, and I’ll put this all together. Here we are. Again, on the extreme left we have eating plenty of animal products and mostly skipping the carbs. And on the extreme right we have going 100% vegan. Your ideal place on this spectrum is towards the far left – not all the way but close. 

Avoid the Cleanse Trap!

Let me talk about the Cleanse Trap for a minute. Yes, you absolutely need vitamins and minerals in adequate amounts. You should also skip stimulants and other unhelpful supplements and substances. Which brings me to this crucial point.  

When you’re unwell, and especially when you are burned out and exhausted, it is easy to buy into false solutions. Here’s the problem. 

If you enter your symptoms, such fatigue, exhaustion, sleep problems, panic attacks, mood swings, bloating, etc – into the search field – you can easily end up on a website that will tell you that these are signs of something like candida virus, some parasite, or pollution in your body due to eating meat. 

The proposed answer would be to cleanse out your system. And you’d have to buy some product or go in for colonic irrigations or coffee enemas or other modes of cleansing. I’ve done that myself – gone in for cleanses and other treatments and took cleansing supplements to have no positive results whatsoever. 

I did that because I had lost sight of the fact that I was simply exhausted. Meaning, I had simply had too much stress, too many instances of fight-or-flight response, and too little rest combined with a poor diet.

Remember – cleansing is not the solution for burnout. In fact, it could even harm you by shocking your already exhausted system. What does a body with depleted resources need? It needs nourishment and replenishment, not so much cleansing. 

But it’s easy to fall for the philosophy that says – “hey, all your problems are caused by all the toxins in your body. All we have to do is get rid of the toxins, and you’ll be healed.”

Let me emphasize again – while it is possible that a certain organ or two in your body may be due for a cleanse, the overall approach is wrong for a person suffering from burnout, fatigue, and overwhelm. Instead, the key to recovery is in the three shifts we’re discussing here. 

Shift #3: Start Managing Your Energy Like a Boss

The first two shifts were aimed at restoring the depleted resources of your mind and body. This shift is about making sure that your batteries do not get depleted at the old, inefficient rate but so that you could instead generate and store energy and prevent squandering it in ways that lead to exhaustion. 

Let me give you the basics of energy management so that you would have easy and practical ways to implement them today. The five fundamental areas of energy management are Physical, Mental, Emotional, Sexual and Spiritual. 

Manage Your Physical Energy Well

Physical energy allows your body to perform work. Simple as that. Believe it or not, one of the most common mistakes people make when trying to recover from burnout and exhaustion is exercise done wrong. 

They’ve been told, and told correctly, that physical exercise is a necessary part of a good health and recovery program. However, let me tell you that too many people who are already exhausted engage in high impact exercise several times a week. This is a mistake. 

Activities like lifting weights, doing crossfit, or running several miles are just too energy-consuming. Again, remember, we are trying to restore depleted reservoirs of energy, to recharge your batteries. But these high intensity forms of exercise are just too energy-consuming. Even some of the yoga poses and routines can be too stressful and demanding on your reserves.

The flip side is not to exercise at all, and that is wrong, too. The right thing to do is to start out with low-intensity exercise three to four times a week. What kinds of exercise are good for you at this point? Start with walking, and that is a wonderful exercise that allows you to keep your physical batteries in good shape without depleting them excessively. 

It’s best to increase your workout intensity gradually and under supervision. If you have a personal trainer or a health coach, ask them to lower your intensity and to give you exercise routines that are optimal for recovery from burnout and exhaustion. Don’t be a hero in the gym. Be transparent with your coach and share your challenges and plans to overcome them. 

Recharge Your Mental Batteries

Your mental batteries can also become depleted easily. This energy leak is harder to eliminate because you lose it in ways that are not obvious at all. 

People and projects make demands upon your mental energy every day. One of the reasons that you become irritable and impatient with people is that in order to deal with people effectively in times of stress you need an adequate charge of your mental batteries. 

That is because a healthy response requires a pause, a mental pause before the actual response. This ability to pause before you respond is crucial in mental energy management. But when your resources are depleted, you simply don’t have this mental shield around you that allows you to pause and evaluate what’s knocking on the door and how to respond right now. 

A phrase for this is “brain fog.” It is actually depleted mental batteries. When you proactively cultivate the ability to observe life in real time and hold a pause before you respond, your communication will begin to transform. The same is true for your decision-making, which also requires this pausing and observation ability. 

The good news is that when you make the first two shifts, your mental batteries will be well on their way to being recharged and ready to store mental energy. And as you cultivate this power, your relationships both with yourself and with others will begin to improve quickly, and you’ll begin to eliminate energy leaks that are wasting so much of your mental energy right now. 

Take Good Care of Your Emotional Batteries

Next, your emotional batteries. What is emotional energy? It is the energy to continually choose your emotional state. And let me tell you this – something that feels totally normal and natural to us is actually our biggest mistake in dealing with emotions. 

We humans have been conditioned to respond to the outside events according to Newton’s law – for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. So, when we are hit by stress, we respond with a stressful state. We become reactive and let ourselves be overwhelmed with worry, fear, and anger. We get into this habit, and it becomes our mode of dealing with the world. 

However, we can learn to not only respond better, but we can actually shape our world with our emotional responses. Again, I don’t want to get too existential here, but we can totally flip the script and begin to shape our realities according to our inner vibration. 

Most people live in reaction to the environment. And only a small percentage of people have learned to turn the tables on their conditioning and begin to shape their environments by working with their inner states. And that is what you can endeavor to do as well. 

When you do, this will change the way you deal with the world in ways you can’t imagine. When we continue to be slaves to our emotions, we pay the price every day – in our relationships, in our health, and in the way we earn money. 

Manage Your Sexual Energy with Care

The fourth type of energy you must learn how to manage is sexual energy. We tend to waste a lot of vital power by leaking sexual energy. You may recall Napoleon Hill’s chapter in Think and Grow Rich titled The Mystery of Sex Transmutation

In it, Hill explains that highly sexed people, meaning people with a lot of sexual potency or libido, tend to become very successful if they learn how to harness their sexual power. He especially talks to men who just spill their seed haphazardly, without any control. He calls these types of waste “less worthy forms” of sexual expression.

And indeed one way men specifically can begin to accumulate their energy is by practicing semen retention. By avoiding excessive or frequent ejaculation, a man can begin to store his precious energy instead of leaking it without purpose. 

To a man who is stressed out and exhausted, ejaculation occurs as an easy way to achieve some pleasure and to relax. However, that is a poor solution because it further depletes our Jing energy, which is quintessential in Daoism. 

So, retaining semen for prolonged periods of time, such as 14, 21, 30 days or longer, can really help begin turning the burnout 180 degrees. 

Women, too, have a way to accumulate and transmute sexual energy, although the process for women is somewhat more complex and involved. This has to do with the menstrual cycle which naturally releases a lot of sexual energy every month. But this article is a good resource to start learning about feminine brahmacharya. 

Embrace Your Spiritual Energy 

Finally, let’s talk about your spiritual energy. While it is really misunderstood, it holds tremendous power for us entrepreneurs, yet it’s subtle in its nature and requires some coaxing and gentle persistence.

Spiritual energy is for the most part grossly misunderstood, especially by entrepreneurs. You often hear experts and gurus say: “You can’t meditate your way into defending yourself from a lion or building a million dollar business.” This is a misconception. 

Meditation is a practice that allows you to become more silent, or present. But silence, or presence, is only a part of the answer. It’s the foundation. For entrepreneurs, spirituality goes a lot deeper than for a casual practitioner. 

Spiritual energy enables three significant processes for entrepreneurs.

First, it allows us to deal with whatever is happening around us right now, no matter how stressful, no matter how bad things may be at the moment. It enables surrendering to whatever the reality is now. 

This does not mean that we surrender our creative power in the face of adversity. No – that is actually a common mistake in talking about spirituality. What it really means is that we diminish our suffering. The definition of inner suffering is burning energy on the uncontrollable. 

Let me repeat that. To suffer means to burn energy on the uncontrollable. And when we are able to surrender to what is happening now, to accept it without giving it an inner fight, without internally yelling, “Why is this happening now! Why me! Did it have to happen now, at the worst time possible!” When we prevent that from happening, we conserve a lot of energy that can be released and directed towards a creative, productive process. 

When, on the other hand, we allow these bouts of intense frustration to take over our mind, we burn a lot of energy in vain. Because we’re fighting a fact – something that’s already there. And a full, complete spiritual practice enables you to prevent that from happening or to diminish that significantly. And that, in turn, releases energy for constructive decision and action.

The second way in which a spiritual practice helps us entrepreneurs is it allows us to receive answers from and through our subconscious mind. This, again, is largely ignored by meditation teachers because their focus is entirely on developing inner silence. But properly tapped into, spiritual energy has the power to elicit answers from the subconscious mind, and that gives you the power to get brilliant answers and to make brilliant moves. 

In any given situation, you can make a poor move, a mediocre move, a good move, or a brilliant move. Imagine you’re playing a game of chess and you’re losing badly. What if you had a grandmaster come in and take over your game? He could probably turn it around and win it or at least bring it to a draw. 

Well, tapping into your subconscious mind is much like having a grandmaster looking over your shoulder. You all of a sudden get insights and brilliant answers that allow you to win or at least draw in any given situation. 

Earlier, in Shift number 1, we talked about setting a new, exciting goal for your psychophysiology to move towards. Initially, you start out with the best vision, the most exciting goal you can come up with at the time. 

But the power of spiritual energy allows you to draw out and develop what I call Informed Goals. Those come out from deep within your consciousness and represent what is truly good and right for you in your life. And you can only discover what they are by doing Inner Work. 

This, by the way, is how you find your True Life Purpose and your mission. You can’t do it purely intellectually just by sitting down with a pen and paper. It’s not an intellectual process. It’s primarily spiritual, and you get your answers by doing Inner Work, by having a spiritual practice. 

You can learn my exact process for finding and fulfilling your true life purpose by clicking this link and reading this article

The third way in which spiritual energy helps entrepreneurs is it allows us to create outcomes more powerfully and reliably. And this is not just some woo-woo stuff. It’s 100% real. Why is that? That is because the more we are able to relax and accept current reality, and the more we are able to receive brilliant answers, the more exciting our journey becomes. 

We finally begin to walk OUR path rather than someone else’s. And as a result, we don’t resist our journey anymore, we don’t resist the work that needs to be done, because we know we are pursuing OUR goals, not something we feel we have to do because, after all, we have responsibilities in life. 

We must go through a period of time where we dare to do what we feel is right for us. And we can do it at any time, even if we have families and responsibilities. The reason we get burned out is that we realize with our entire being that we’ve been on a wrong path, we’ve been disowning our purpose. 

In a sense, burnout is a result of doing what we feel we HAD to do for too long instead of doing what we really WANTED to do. And working with spiritual energy allows you to get up to speed with yourself and with a dream that perhaps got shuffled in with paperwork in the midst of life’s minutia and an ocean of responsibilities, perceived and real. 

This is why burnout isn’t all bad. It’s a sign life is giving you right now to perhaps stop or slow down something that goes against the real you and start or accelerate something that’s been in your heart all along. Something that’s been seeking expression by first giving you all kinds of warning signs and now by presenting you with a crisis. 

If you take the time to tap into your spiritual energy, you as an entrepreneur will be rewarded handsomely:

  • You’ll get brilliant answers and make brilliant moves
  • You can discover your Purpose and your immediate mission
  • You’ll become more attractive in two ways – as a person and as a lover 
  • You’ll notice that no challenge will be too big or difficult
  • You’ll be “in the zone” most of the time rather than having “brain fog” or being fuzzy
  • You’ll simply know what’s next for you, and that will give you tremendous self-confidence

I hope this guide has been helpful. You don’t have to change the world in one fell swoop. Start with something you find doable and go from there. 

I wish you full recovery and an exciting journey of self-actualization!

Philip S. 

Philip Saparov

Philip Saparov is a Life Purpose Coach and a teacher of Awakened Entrepreneurship. He writes on how to become a successful entrepreneur and gain freedom, no matter where you're starting.

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