The Difference between Meditation and Manifestation

The main difference between meditation and manifestation is the involvement of the mind. The purpose of meditation is to disengage the mind so as to enable silent witnessing. The purpose of manifestation is to engage the mind so as to produce desired outcomes.

While meditation and manifestation seem contradictory in their purpose and function, they are actually mutually complementary. 

This means that meditation can help you manifest outcomes, and manifestation can help you achieve better meditative states.

Let’s take a look at how this works in practice. 

How does meditation help with manifesting?

Remember the expression: “Be careful what you wish for?” That’s right – not all desired outcomes are created equal. This means that you can want something that:

  • Is great for you
  • Is okay for you
  • Will make no difference to you
  • Will probably disappoint you
  • Could harm you

Let’s take the example of the proverbial Lamborghini. This car make has become the object of salivation for way too many men (and perhaps some women). 

Everybody is supposed to want a Lamborghini, right? And hey – I totally respect your desires. It’s totally up to you to decide what to wish for. I get it. 

But if you look up some of the reviews of guys who actually bought one, you’ll see that they realized that owning a Lambo has resulted in the following:

  • Difficulty driving around the area and parking
  • Incredibly high maintenance costs
  • Total lack of practical usability
  • Total failure to increase penis size 

Now, I can hear you saying, “Hey, let me manifest a Lambo, and I’ll put it to good use. I’ll be happy, trust me.”

And that’s fine. I’m only saying – look objectively at the goal you are setting for yourself. The question to ask is: “Is this goal truly good for me?”

A Lambo is something that fits a couple of categories from the list above. It will probably disappoint you. It will make no difference in some areas (no size increase, right?). And it may even make your life more difficult.

So, what does meditation have to do with all of this?

By adding meditation to your manifesting practice, you can set outcomes of much higher quality. That’s right…

Meditation allows you to set and achieve better outcomes.

When you meditate, you begin a journey inwards. You are now on a journey to your deeper (or higher) self. 

This means that by meditating you allow yourself to cut through layers of unhelpful conditioning and arrive at the center – your true core. In other words, meditation allows you to come in touch with your True Self.

When you begin to understand who you really are, your goals change dramatically. All of a sudden, a Lambo is probably not even on your radar. 

All of a sudden, you realize that you want to manifest outcomes that will make your life better. These are outcomes that:

  • Give you more freedom (not less)
  • Enable more fulfilling work (not sacrifice your life for the sake of buying stuff)
  • Just plain feel good because they feel right

When you have a daily meditation practice, you begin to notice things in your life that don’t serve you. Well, it would be a great idea to eliminate these things. Here are some examples:

  • Debt
  • Poor eating habits
  • An addiction
  • Toxic relationship
  • Toxic living situation

For a man who has two or more of these things in his life, to set a goal of driving a Lamborghini is just not highly practical, to say the least.

When you meditate, you gradually become aware of the REAL things that need change and will improve your life dramatically. 

In addition, these new, more enlightened goals now become as juicy to you as the Lambo or a million dollars were previously. That’s because you now realize what a tremendous difference these new practical goals will make in your life. And that gives you drive and motivation to go out and manifest them.

Other ways meditation helps you manifest

Meditation helps you develop your intuition

A regular meditation practice helps you develop that inner voice that guides you in life. This means that not only do you set better goals for yourself, but you also get insights on how to overcome obstacles on the way to achieving them.

You receive answers that you would not otherwise get. An answer that you get purely from your intellect and analyzing facts can be very different from an answer that you receive by listening to your intuition, that still small voice within.

Let me give you a quick example. Back in 2019, I found myself in a toxic situation that seemed desperate. I had a job that was killing me and no savings to enable quitting the job.

So, speaking logically and in terms of facts, I was stuck. 

However, I listened to my inner voice that told me I had to drop everything and go on a worldwide adventure. To a rational intellect, this seemed impossible. 

But because I had my regular meditation practice, I had faith in my power to manifest brilliant answers. So, I made a decision to do what my intuition told me. Exactly 82 days later, I was on the plane from New York to Europe, and had another airplane ticket to Asia later on.

As I’m writing this, I’m in Hanoi, Vietnam, almost two years into my worldwide adventure. Even though I had no savings or online income when I made the decision to leave. 

Meditation helps you prime your mind for receiving

Whether you are after a physical outcome or an answer to a question, you are much more likely to receive what you want if you are in a calmer, meditative state.

After having meditated and done my daily inner work for years, I can tell you that such manifestation techniques as visualization and affirmations work much better after a session of meditation. 

A calmer mind is a simple and perhaps quite obvious benefit meditation offers to someone who wants to manifest reality. But here’s something very important to understand:

Do not mix meditation and manifestation into one technique or block of practice!

The purpose of meditation is to disengage the mind. In other words, it is a no-mind practice. When people say, “meditate on this,” this is not helpful. 

If you are “meditating on something,” you are thinking. And meditation is meant to witness thinking, to detach from thought, but not to engage in thought. Make sense?

Make sure you really meditate every day as purely a practice of becoming silent. And when you’re done, you can (and should) add exercises and techniques to receive insights and manifest outcomes, such as visualization, etc.

How does manifesting help you meditate better?

Yes, as you manifest outcomes that are enlightened, meaning they are truly good for you and are in alignment with your True Life Purpose, you are laying the foundation to become more spiritual.

How does that work?

Well, as you manifest a better reality for yourself, you are eliminating sources of stress, tension, and friction from your life. Let’s take an example of some of these from what we talked about earlier.

Let’s say a man has these three sources of stress, tension, and friction in his life:

  • Debt
  • Poor eating habits
  • Toxic relationship

And by practicing manifesting, he now has eliminated one or two debts. Well, he probably now has fewer monthly payments to make every month. This helps him achieve a meditative state more easily because he has less to worry about. 

Let’s say he now eats better and has eliminated simple sugars from his diet. Well, a body with steady blood glucose levels is much more likely to achieve deeper meditative states. 

And by manifesting a better woman in his life, he has probably eliminated another huge source of stress associated with the old, toxic relationship. This will also help him meditate better and develop his spirituality.

Make sense?

The more you meditate, the better goals you will set and achieve. The better your life becomes as a result of manifesting, the deeper your meditative states and therefore your spirituality. 

Now you know why I called my website Awakened Entrepreneurship. This is how I practice meditation and manifestation as an entrepreneur. I’m a spiritual hustler, if you wish. 

Can you manifest without meditating?

Yes, you can clearly manifest without meditation. A simple breathing exercise done prior to your visualization and other techniques will help you relax and get results from your manifesting practice. 

But as you might have gathered from earlier in this article, your results won’t be nearly as powerful without meditation. Let me put this bluntly:

Meditation only seems optional but in fact is essential to manifesting. 

Meditation is not just complementary to manifestation. It is not just a nice addition to an already powerful practice. No – meditation is vital if you want to manifest your True Destiny and your ideal life. 

It is vital if you are using manifesting techniques to fulfill your True Life Purpose. 

How do you meditate for manifestation?

The simplest, most basic meditation is to just sit comfortably, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing for 5-10 minutes. I like to add meditation music to my practice. 

As you observe your body inhale and exhale, you will notice that thoughts never stop. They just keep coming at you like waves breaking on the shore or a stream of a radio broadcast. 

That’s okay. Your task is to simply witness your thoughts without getting pulled into them. Whether the thought is positive or negative, it wants your attention. 

But instead of giving it attention, you just move your focus back to your breath. And simply keep that up. Keep focusing on your breathing, and when you notice that you became distracted by a thought, just come back to your breath. 

After years of practicing, I now do different types of meditation that help me accomplish more. For example, I can do a Chi Gong meditation that not only helps me achieve a meditative state but also allows me to generate or disseminate sexual energy. 

But that’s pretty advanced. All you need to begin is the simple meditation technique I described above. By the way, I use an app called Calm. It’s great because it helps me track my progress and make sure I don’t skip a day of my practice. 

You can read my review of the Calm app here. It’s not a paid endorsement. Just sharing. 

Now go out there, meditate and manifest!

To your freedom,

Philip S. 

Philip Saparov

Philip Saparov is a Life Purpose Coach and a teacher of Awakened Entrepreneurship. He writes on how to become a successful entrepreneur and gain freedom, no matter where you're starting.

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