Your Stressed Mind Feeds Your Inner Gremlin

Stress makes you afraid. This is its nastiest feature. The resulting fears keep you low, discourage stretching out and looking around. This is why you must deal with the most immediate stress symptoms as soon as possible.

The Road to Desperation

You’ve been working hard. For yourself, for your family, for the approval of the few who matter and perhaps of a bunch who don’t. You feel tired and can’t get a good night’s sleep. Coffee makes you edgy.

You may even have your first panic attack on the way to work, while sitting in traffic. You begin to fear.

You think, “I might lose my health; then, I’ll lose my job, my wife and my kids; then I’ll lose myself. What will I do then!” These are the little whispers in your tired mind.

You’ve been a traveler on the road to desperation. I am not saying you’re desperate. But you could be very soon if you don’t change course.

Your Gremlin Wants to Live, Too

Your inner gremlin is the author of the whispers. You’re familiar with him because he’s been with you your entire life. He was there when you wanted to kiss that girl for the first time. He was there when you dreamed of a fun job, a beautiful girl, and enough time and money to enjoy it all.

He was there. And sometimes he talked you out of it. Sometimes he won; sometimes you overcame him.

But now, stress, your gremlin’s helper and friend, is gradually advancing on you like a boa constrictor. It would like to smother you into submission to the daily cares, to the little worries, and petty quarrels with yourself and your loved ones.

Your inner gremlin wants to live, and stress is giving it food, drink, and shelter. Your gremlin grows stronger and whispers with renewed energy and confidence. 

This is why it is your job to stop feeding the gremlin. He’s had enough. Now it’s your turn to reap some rewards from all that work. Why? Because why not? Because what about you?

Stop Feeding the Gremlin

The most effective way to regain control of your psyche is to alleviate stress symptoms and to get rid of the causes of stress as soon as you can. 

Alleviating the stress symptoms is not addressing the causes just yet. It is simply improving your ability to cope with the stressors. Some of the methods include drinking a cup of valerian root or chamomile infusion (tea), meditating for 5 minutes once or twice daily, stepping out of the office and taking a walk.

The best part of such measures is that you don’t have to change anything else yet. This is your first line of defense. But the second part follows right after, which is getting rid of some of the causes of your stress.

And you don’t have to get rid of too many of them – that may be very difficult at the moment. But the 80/20 rule will help here.

What are the 20% of all the stressors that cause 80% of all your worries, panic, and lost sleep?

  • Is it an abusive coworker?
  • Is it a client who “will most likely cancel the deal?”
  • Is it the dwindling flow of prospects?
  • Is it the lack of rest, sex, or exercise?

The trick is to pick one – the top one, the one you can deal with most easily and that will make the most difference. So, make a list of your stressors and prioritize them. Then, pick the top one for ease of implementation and an effect on your health.

Now, do some courage and implement. Take action. Say ‘no’ to the stressor. Let the abusive coworker know what is not permissible anymore. Get a better client. Get a better source of prospects. Get rest, get laid, get exercise. But do it.

Don’t let the stress feed your gremlin so easily. It’s time for you to get control of your psyche so that you could be more resourceful. You need ideas that will set you free, that will turn you into a blissful male, a step closer to being an awakened entrepreneur. 

Ideas will start flowing as soon as you begin to consciously relax for a few minutes every day and begin saying ‘no’ to your main stressors.

Have a blissful day,

Philip S

Philip Saparov

Philip Saparov is a Life Purpose Coach and a teacher of Awakened Entrepreneurship. He writes on how to become a successful entrepreneur and gain freedom, no matter where you're starting.

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